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Special Deal: Futaba (4PLG) 4PL 4-Channel GHz FHSS Tx / RGF Receiver. 2. Thank you for purchasing a Futaba 4PLGHz system. Before using your 4PL GHz system, read this manual carefully in order to use your R/C set safely. 4PL GHz S-FHSS offers many of the advanced features that car, truck and boat racers desire – in particular frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology.

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Gotta give Futaba props on this one. So on strict orders from the top I ended up fuutaba the 4PL a few more times for video purposes. As with all our stuff, if you see us at a track or bash spot, stop by and say hi! Being the lazy sort that I am I stopped measuring at feet.

Futaba 4PL: Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles | eBay

So I grab the 4PL and set it on my pit table…… and knock it off to the concrete floor in my garage, not once, but twice. And as far as raw speed was concerned, the 4PL was plenty quick for all of our testers.

Time Futba Bash — 9. After I test out of the radio to be certain it was operating perfectly I give my editor Brian a call.

The grip has a strip of rubber on the front side to offer your hand added traction. The 4PL actually went further than feet, but quite frankly even seeing the Gambler at feet was quite difficult.


This is a firm density foam that provides good traction and generally feels like the best on the market. Downsides- Not many with the 4PL- we had one tester complain the trigger was too tight, and another that the grip was too small, but the bulk of our testers loved how the 4PL felt. Next… I ran across a thread reporting their 4PL had broken from accidentally being dropped.

Big Squid Rating — 9. So you like a lot of people are in the market for a new transmitter. The Futaba 4PL is easy to use, felt outstanding in hand, suffered no glitching, had ridiculously long range, and drove better than radios costing significantly more than it does. Read all about it right here.

The 4PL easily held its against the higher priced units. Enjoy the video, and if you end up owning a 4PL know its not the end of the world if it accidentally gets bumped off your tailgate. To boil it down, the 4PL felt very natural to drive. I mean surviving it once could have just been a fluke.

So off to the message boards I went.

Futaba 4PLS 4-Channel T-FHSS Radio System

At the top of your priority list is 2. Other than that pop in 4 AA batteries and you are dialed. Zero problems, it rocks! So I uftaba our test 4PL and started twisting the wheel hard in both directions trying to break the stops. Umm… did you get video??

Wheel- The steering wheel comes wrapped with what feels like the same high quality foam that comes on the 4PKS. Summary in Tentacles Time To Bash — 9.


Futaba 4PL

I found where people had reported the steering locks had broken on their 4PLs. How good of a radio system is it? During our testing we treated it like we stole it and had absolutely no problems of any type, so…. If you need more range than feet you are going to need binoculars as well. Conclusion- The more we tested the 4PL the more we liked it.

Glitching- We used the Futaba 4PL system for hours upon hours of laps and bashing and there was absolutely no glitching, not even once. Trust me on this one. All in all our test 4PL hit terra firma 10 times, from heights varying from 3 feet to 6 and a half feet and it works as good today as it did when it came out of the box. fitaba

Futaba hit a home run with their 4PL. If you are a Futaba employee you might want to skip the next section…. Car Show Rating — 9. The grip felt slightly too small in diameter for one of our testers, but to others it felt fine.

That somebody turned out to be me this time, so I drove our test Venom Gambler as far as I could before losing control, then started measuring.