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-Paradox of shopping here is surrounding oneself with superior communication links. -Exploit information imbalances in the end. -2 main. The Bazaar Economy: Information and Search in Peasant Marketing. Clifford Geertz. American Economic Review, , vol. 68, issue 2, Geertz, Clifford, “The Bazaar Economy: Information and Search in Peasant Marketing,” American Economic Review, American Economic Association, vol.

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These contrasts in theorganisation of businessesin thetwo typesof markets are paralleledbydifferences in thelabourmarket.

Information Stiglhtz, in thelabourmarket. While price differencesare only veryimperfectly relatedto qualityand quantity variation,theyare closely relatedto differences in buyers’ commercialcompetence and marketexperience,and theirwillingnessto bargainwith and canvass different sellersin orderto testthe market: RePEc uses bibliographic data supplied by the respective publishers. Theyarealwayspreparedto offer advice on suchsubjects aswhichrubbersandalsarethesoftest, orwhichbatteries lastlongest.

In contrastto the bazaar trader,a sellerof standardised,substitutable goods does not have to travelto higher-ordermarketsto purchasehis supplies,find out prevailingprice levels,negotiatepurchasingpricesand arrangecredit,inspectthe goods he wantsto buy,and supervisetheirmeasurement,packagingand transport; nor does he have to choose bazaqr havingto relyon unreliableemployeesto keep his shop open in the meantime,and stayingin the shop himselfwhile delegatingthese tasksto a potentiallyfraudulentemployee.

Being men of intelligence and characterthey built a ‘nation of shopkeepers’ and often advocated a policy of a ‘just price’. Only undersuch conditionsdoes bargainingbecome an importantprice- makingmechanismin the bazaar. In thebazaarwe finda segmentary typeof businessorganisation.

I did not anticipate that the two would have much relevance for one another, but they do.

In thecase of markets in non-standardised goods,theabsenceofa reliablemeansofqualitative and quantitative verificationleadstoa generallossofconfidence, bringing abouta situation inwhicheveryone accuseseveryone elseofchicanery. Were bazaar tradersto provide documentationof theirbusiness- dealings,thiswould oftenonly furnishevidence of tax evasion,black marketdealingsand otherillegalactivities.

Of course, many buyersstillfinancesuch expendituresthroughloans, but these are obtainednot in the formof creditfromsellers,but frommoneylendersand chitfunds in the bazaar at high ratesof interest. In additionthereare professionalblack markettraders,who buy the rations-and sometimesthe rationcards-from people who do not need them,either because theyare too poor to affordrationgoods even at subsidisedprices,or too rich to need them,and who thenbulk and resellthemto privateshops.


Most oftheirtransactions areconductednotthroughofficialchannels,buton an interpersonal and cash basiswithoutany documentation. More about this item Statistics Access and download statistics Corrections All material on this site has been provided by the respective publishers and authors.

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Geertz – Bazaar Economy

In egertz bazaar, “the search for information one lacks and the protection of information one has is the name of the game”. In all thistheystandin markedcontrastto bazaar shops. Two most important search procedures are clientelization and bargaining. Drawingon ethnographic matenalfroma southIndiantown,the articleshowsthatthedifferencesin thetransactional ofthetwokindsofgoodsaccountfora properties in therelations seriesof contrasts amongand betweenbuyersand sellers,theoperationof theprice mechanism, the controlof information,theorganisation and recruitmentof labour,and the rolesof moneyandcredit.

The easiestwayto conveythemessagethata shopoffers a widerangeofgoods is to displaythem. The bazqar mechanismdoes not operate in relationto raw materialsas such,but in relationto materialsartificiallystandardised in termsof an imposedsystemof classification.

Obtainingproducers’catalogues, inviting itinerantcommission agents, and establishing contactswithregionaldistributing agentsare amongthe various methods usedto monitor market developments andcanvassthemaximum numberof priceoffers. Externallya businessis orientedto be encompassing ratherthancompetitive, and internally it tendstowardsfragmentation as employees turnintoentrepreneurs, whoruntheirownbusiness withintheiremployer’s business.

The Bazaar Economy: Information and Search in Peasant Marketing

These usuallylook equally dingy,neverhave a name and therefore also neveradvertise,theirownersarerenowned geertz, suspiciousnessand lack of friendliness. Suchagentsareappointed byparticularproducers inwhosenametheycanvass localtraders forordersforwhichtheyarepaidon a fixedcommission basis. Sincepricesare muchmoreeasilyascertainable and comparable forthe buyerthanqualityand quantity in thebazaar,thosesellersoffering thelowestprices are easilyidentifiable. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


Introduction There are two common theoreticalapproachesto the bazaar.

Please note that corrections may take a couple of weeks to filter through the various RePEc services. Structural limitationsin business organisation andincreasingrisksofcreditsaleslethimseekhigher profitsbyincreasing theprofit margin ofeachtransaction ratherthanbyincreasing thenumberoftransac- tions.

But thisdoes not mean thatthe distinctionbetween buyer and selleris structurally insignificant. In Meaning andorder inMoroccan society eds C.

When requesting a correction, please mention this item’s handle: Comparedto the bazaar,disloyalty and larcenyby employeesare relatively easily detectable andquantifiable. But thissupposedly uniformcategoryof economic vazaar in the Third World also includes the so-called ‘show window bazaar’ in the Frenchcolonial quarterof Sefrou: These shops oftencarrysignswhich declarethattheirstock bazaaar goods is ‘hypothecated’to a certainbank; theirdebtsare thuspublic teertz and it would be difficult forthem to obtainmore thanone loan on thebasisofthesame security.

The moreoffers a trader can canvassandthemorepotential customers he canin turnattract to canvass heertz, thegreater is hiscompetitive advantage. Such shopshave no secretgodowns aroundthe cornerin whichgoods are concealedfromsalestax and pricecontrol officers.

Theseareeithermass-produced commodities or,in thecaseof foodstuffs, semi-perishable itemssuchasgrains,driedpulses,spicesandoils. Tax ; Katzinmore recentethnographies of thebazaar emphasiseitsdifferences frommoderncapitalistmarketsand concentrate on itsbizarreand sometimesapparentlyirrationalcharacteristics.

Download full text from publisher File URL: Clientization represents an actor-level attempt to counteract, and profit from, the system-level deficiencies of the bazaar as a communication network. Man, New Series, Vol. Post navigation Previous Previous. Branded and packaged goods thereforeallow the buyernot only to evaluate quality in relationto price,but also to be reasonablycertainthatquantityis held constant. Geertz’s ; descriptionof the Sefrou bazaar is folk economics.

These functional differences areparalleled,in turn,by different organisationalstructuresof businessand market.