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GOODBYE TSUGUMI. Banana Yoshimoto, Author, Michael Emmerich, Translator , trans. from the Japanese by Michael Emmerich. Grove $23 (p) ISBN. Banana Yoshimoto’s novels of young life in Japan have made her an international sensation. Goodbye Tsugumi is an offbeat story of a deep and complicated. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Yoshimoto favors short novels that gradually reveal thin, almost translucent layers of her characters’ personalities.

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Her craft lies in exalting the ordinary and the everyday truths of life’s many baffling dichotomies to transcendental wisdom and in converting ambiguous characters to people of flesh and blood who cannot help surrendering before the promise of love which accosts them in their most vulnerable moments.

The sea is almost its own character in the story, and gives so much texture and an element of mystery to what could otherwise be a simple family tale.

Now Maria is moving to Tokyo to go to university, and Tsugumi invites Just finished this page book, strangely enough it felt quite long, despite the number of pages being quite short. There isn’t really a whole lot else to use but words–no music, no pictures, no movie. Although this is no excuse for how she treats people, it is an explanation.

Emmerich’s translation overcomes the occasional awkward moment to render the frank yet understated language that animates this modest story. A threesome that summer, they truly bond, learning hsugumi And it feels unmistakably alive. But people never notice that warmth until after they’ve emerged. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It just feels like forced drama.

Non potevo credere di dover traslocare in un posto dove non ci fosse il mare. Jun 06, Ed Martin rated it it was ok. Goodbye Tsugumi is steeped in the melancholy of leaving childhood behind, but Yoshimoto doesn’t present it as a break: For some reason when two people sit together looking out at it, they stop caring whether they talk or stay silent.

Even though I find myself grappling with a deep reluctance to disassemble Banana Yoshimoto’s works to the sum of their parts knowing all too well that even the effort seems like an insult tsuvumi her talent, I gain a kind of quiet confidence from the understated brilliance of her words to string together words of my own and attempt to trace the contours of that elusive, ephemeral happiness that she limns with consummate artistry.


The three cousins are all tsuggumi the same age, on the cusp of adulthood: Also when love is involved, other emotions make an unexpected appearance and then some rather unusual events occur.

Maria’s father, thrilled to finally have the domestic bliss he always dreamed of, makes things easy for her — but she tsubumi feels that occasional longing for the ocean and the easy camaraderie she shared with her cousins.

It is about the relationship between the two girls and not in an explicit way. Trivia About Goodbye Tsugumi. Sorry, but your browser needs Javascript to use this site.

Maria recently moved out of her hometown, her birthplace to be with her Father and to attend the University. Tsugumi is a brilliant character, though sometimes the word choice the translator Michael Emmerich has picked out seems a bit off, e. Tsugumi is a sickly but feisty and somewhat unpleasant young girl living in a small Japanese seaside town at hoodbye family inn with her parents, sister Yoko, aunt Masako, and cousin Maria the protagonist.

Maria returns to the town for one last summer to remember her childhood and reconcile her strained relationship with Tsugumi while she still can. Banana Yoshimoto ca Brilliant.

Goodbye, Tsugumi

I love the way Yoshimoto describes situations you could never articulate yourself. The style is relaxed, the memories, feelings and thoughts are beautifully captured, the imagery is well described, definitely. You don’t even notice that you’ve been inside until it’s too late for you ever to go back– that’s how perfect the temperature of that blanket is.

She is malicious and rude, goodbte takes advantage of others and manipulates without remorse. Each tsuyumi of us continues to carry the heart of each self we’ve ever been, at every stage along the way, and a chaos of everything good and rotten. As if these people I love and this town are going to vanish from the very face of the earth, a feeling so overwhelmingly bright I can’t stand to look at it straight. Tsughmi it’s not Tsugumi – indisputably the emotional center of this narrative – who stands out in my eyes.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Fragile bonds which only accumulate substance and strength to grow into pulsating hearts that throb to the uneven rhythms of existence. First of all, Goodbhe dislike Yoshimoto’s general writing style.


Perhaps it was the translation, but her personality just seemed too over the top. Maybe, despite appearances, everything will be all right.

Tsugumi and Maria are also very close, and the separation — from the town she grew up in, and the people she grew up with — is difficult for Maria. You tusgumi, when you use phrases like that every three or four pages, they lose what little power they had to begin with.

The story is not about romance though. When they choose they can be very charming, but if yo The thing about people being charmed by Tsugumi is very common among psychopaths and sociopaths.

Goodbye Tsugumi First edition Japanese.


In the end, she knows it is not about bidding farewell to a time in memory or a place or a way of life but having the tsugmui to accept the truth of its centrality in one’s life, knowing full well that forever is a beautiful lie and goodbye waits just around the corner. Sending Japanese literature westward Red Circle Authors, a unique endeavor in the publishing world, aims to connect East and West through literature. She also has to confront Tsugumi’s inner strength and the real possibility of losing her.

You may not necessarily grow to like Tsugumi, but it is impossible not to care about the fate of this unlikely heroine, whose wit is as sharp as her tongue. Proprio non volevo dimenticare nessuna delle separazioni che riempivano la mia vita, numerose come le forme in cui, di momento in momento, cambiava il cielo sul volgere della sera.

The complete review ‘s Review:. Con Tsugumi he sentido mucha paz. In this novel, Maria does not even consider him as boyfriend material and there is never any tsutumi of her own love affairs.

Goodbye Tsugumi – Yoshimoto Banana

Her unfiltered way of living and her relentless spirit defies the pathetic circumstances she has. There is a serious disconnect between the Tsugumi Maria talks about and the Tsugumi Yoshimoto is showing us.

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