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Gottfried de Purucker () was a longtime resident of theTheosophical Society based in Point Loma and was Leader of that. GOTTFRIED DE PURUCKER was born in at Suffern, New York, son of a prominent Anglican minister who for some years served as chaplain of the. Articles about Gottfried de Purucker, leader of the Theosophical Society , a his clear exposition of theosophy.

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The Four Sacred Seasons. Purucker’s father, an Anglican minister, prepared his son for his future with the church through extensive training in language and religious studies. He destroys the illusion that for all things large or small, high or low, there is an identical Parabrahman. Consequently the reader is unable to tell what came down through the ages and what dates no further back than Point Loma.

He had met William Q.

Gottfried de Purucker

It was severely criticized and I think rightly, for presenting views as part of the Esoteric Philosophy apparently in conflict with what The Secret Doctrine teaches. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. gottfreid

A year later he returned to Geneva to spend some time with the family and only returned in to the United States, where he settled permanently in Point Loma, California.

There are further articles on our site relating to G. Blavatsky and decide for yourself. You will assuredly receive in time gortfried of this Lodge-force; for as I am the intermediary or mediator between the Great Lodge of the Masters of Compassion and Wisdom and the general membership of the T.

No man can live unto puurucker alone; no man can tread the pathway — the still, small, old pathway — of the spiritual self within him, alone.

I venture to suggest that, in order to clear up the situation for all concerned, he should either withdraw or modify those of his theories which negative the First Fundamental Principle of the Secret Doctrineor he should frankly own that the S. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. May Click [show] for important translation instructions.


Studies in Occult Philosophy. If this be so, why is it that both the Pasadena and Point Loma Societies have deliberately allowed all of her writings to go out of print and stay out of print, with the exception of a small number of articles and passages which have been carefully edited and republished in the form of two or three small books? The years from until were spent traveling and working, largely in Europe, before moving to Point Loma and joining the staff at Lomalandthe headquarters of the Theosophical Society, under the leadership of Katherine Tingley.

Content in this edit is translated from the existing German Wikipedia article at [[: He has been involved in many activities and in the early years of his arrival in Point Loma acted as private secretary of Katherine Tingley and later as a member of her cabinet.

Now, approaching 70 years, I understand the actually ineffable nature of the One principle. Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. As to whether we personally consider the teachings and books of G. It was when he began studying eastern religions and philosophies and Theosophy that, in his words: These conversations are of course a very holy and precious treasure to me, and in them I was shown the future of the Society, what to expect and what to look forward to; and I again pledged myself in a manner of which I may not speak, but which I feel it my duty to tell you of.

Fundamentals of the Esoteric Philosophy. This I can do for the simple reason that these, my three great Predecessors, never had the opportunity to do what Karma now impels and compels me to do: Which certainly goes the limit!

Blavatsky and eight to The Mahatma Letters. It should be read only by those who are ever ready to ask, when an assertion is made, whether there is any real evidence that it corresponds either with fact or with tradition.


The Question of G. de Purucker – T H E O S O P H Y

Wind of the spirit. With the leading position in the Society has also brought many ee that have been primarily focused on the expansion work, among which stood out above all fraternal world-wide Fraternization Theosophical Movement, whose aim was to establish closer and more friendly relations between the various theosophical groups.

His legacy includes several publications, including elucidations of the writings of Helena Blavatsky. So essentially this purucler Parabrahma n is abstract, as it should be.

Purucker Says The Absolute Was Once a Man

Besant and numerous others, those of Dr. Otherwise, what is the occasion for either? Thus do men become gods, and gods become worlds, and worlds become suns, and suns become universes, and universes in their infinitude make up the Absolute, who was once — a man.

The questions answer themselves. His father was a priest for several years and has worked in Geneva and then in Rome and Strasbourg, while his mother came from a puurucker family in New England. Some will ask whether it is really true that there are multitudinous inhabited planets in our solar system which are on a lower plane of materiality than our earth, yet invisible to us p. Pkrucker impersonal and nameless universal Principle.

Gottfried de Purucker

Purucker made it clear what he thought of such groups as the United Lodge of Theosophists: As said above, anyone may present his own views, original, perhaps. Exact name of German article]]; see its history for attribution.

On no single subject have the Masters, H. Puruckee take note that if H. The last work of H. What conception can Dr. He died a few months later, on September 27,