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Here is a phenomenal routine created by Guy Hollingworth, this trick is done with done with any 4 of a kind and completly impromtu, pupming.

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However, this is the fruits of my labor. Composed of 12 individuals, we barely sleep, and we will do anything necessary to bring you the best magic, the best talent, the best training and playing cards possible. At Ellusionist, we have one qaving Also, a little history an older version of this routine was done on worlds greatest magic, so you know it’s good lol: For hollintworth who believe, no proof is necessary.

Join us on FacebookTwitter or YouTube. It’s been along time since I have seen if but if I remember correctly it waviing more related to Asher twist than it is waving the aces. As for your presentation, I’m glad you put in some patter. Nass Find latest posts. We want to make you into a performer.

Carron Special user UK Posts. This page was created in 0. I usually just use it to show one or two people, but I’ve never actually used it in a aaces performance. FutbolFreek Visit Homepage Find latest posts. Here in the youtube performance only one card is turned at any given point of time.

It’s more of a knack to acquire. I am very impressed. The only thing I would advise is to not drop gguy left hand out of camera frame each time you prepare to turn another card. We work with the United States Playing Card co and have produced 14 lines of playing card decks that are repeatedly acclaimed by top industry pros and magic enthusiasts all over the world.


Just practice the alignment of this trick and use misdirection while wavign the turnover. Why not just get Quartet and then you don’t have to even do the turnover move. Good misdirection should cover the turnover I think guy hollingworth does the turnover using the side of his leg. Also after a visual change, you should have no problem twisting on the off beat.

For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible. I was just wondering how many of you actually use Guy Hollingworth’s Waving the Aces in your shows. I found Guy’s hollingdorth much too difficult, so I had to rework it. Jered “The mind has exactly the same power as the hand, not merely to grasp the world, but to change it. Originally Posted by Ty.

Twice is an Education!! For you Torn and Restored fans hol,ingworth also contains Reformation. The optical alignement move is great but I don like the turnover neither, so I change it!

ID4 Find latest posts. Aug 8, Furniture Elite user London Posts. Check it out here: How lazy are people?

Waving the Aces

Where can I learn that? Once you geddit, you’ll be using it pretty often. Definately worth it, I use the move on Denis Behr’s video too, or alternate it with Guy’s handling, It’s definately hollongworth the effect if you get the alignment move sorted.

Ive come up thee a routine called Twisted Gamblers Dream with the gimmick. For those of you that know the effect, you’ll see that my handling is drastically different and the ending is not even there.


When done properly or by Guy Hollingsworh himself it’s a very beautiful effect. Maybe I heard you wrong, but I got distracted with your shirt and the music. I believe this version can be found in Guy Hollingworth’s Quartet, which is a set of gaffed cards.

I think the turnover move in the original handling is covered better. That was really cool. There are many other ways to reverse a card with the cards at chest height. If you use the front of your leg instead if the side, your hand and a small packet of cards is covering the turining over action.

He did this on World’s Greatest Magic 1 and I thought it was brilliant. ABlair36 Loyal user Toronto Posts. I also perform the walkaround version of it, but it’s with my own handling and I’ve eliminated many of the counts to set the cards. Instead I decide to focus on and learn the application of the move within the Oil and Water routine p.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Waving the Aces

We want to make you the life of any party. I just do not want anyone mislead thinking this is the God trick or something cause it’s “said” to be impromptu. But it’s got some very hard stuff on it- not for beginners! PLUS you can change the four kings to the four aces at the end huy the routine.