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In American football the air raid offense refers to an offensive scheme popularized by such coaches as Mike Leach, Hal Mumme, Sonny Dykes, and Tony. Hal Mumme is in his fourth season as the Belhaven University head coach. In his first three seasons with the Blazers, Mumme’s Air Raid Offense has helped set. The Memphis Express announced Hal Mumme will serve as the team’s offensive coordinator in its inaugural season.

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No Oklahoma drills, ever. This article possibly contains original research. And both liked getting in the car, blasting Jimmy Buffett and driving to any football practice in the country where they thought they could snatch up another crazy idea and make it part of their oeuvre.

Hal Mumme’s Air Raid Offense 3-Pack – Football — Championship Productions, Inc.

His team was going to be fun to watch. From the open set in pass action, the draw is used to off set the throw. He enjoys the simplicity of working small miracles.

The beauty of the Air Raid Offense, according to Coach Mumme, is that players love to play this hhal and fans flock to see it. Some people are artists and some people are mechanics. In any event, when the entire UTEP staff was fired ofenseMumme decided to head back to the high school ranks, convinced it was where he’d finally have the freedom to build on what he’d learned watching BYU. Teaching the concept of settle up or run is important in terms of counteracting the strategy of the defense.

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Byhe had climbed another rung up the coaching ladder when he joined UTEP as offensive coordinator at the age of just Walk throughs and extensive use of videotape aid the coach’s preparation for practice and games. But then a crazy thing happened.

Another advantage is that by forcing the defensive line to widen, it opens up wide passing lanes for the QB to throw the ball through with less chance of having his pass knocked down or intercepted. As Mumme moved down the coaching ladder — short gigs at Southeastern Louisiana, New Mexico State and D2 McMurry — his disciples installed versions of his air raid offense at schools around the country, plugging in better athletes and racking up big stats and victories.

Few speeches in sports are more tone-deaf than those that compare football to combat. Mumme, meanwhile, has found contentment at Belhaven. Mumme’s final season at Kentucky was marred by scandal and infighting. This section does not cite any sources. Hal Mumme’s extensive resume has allowed him to see every offense in football. This isn’t rocket science! But he did have the ability to sell himself as an agent of change. Another version of four verticals is Y-Sail, which is run out of several sets.

And with so many people touching the ball, it elevates the enthusiasm of the whole team. A segment of quick screens is another important part of the practice routine. The offense first made its appearance when Mumme and Leach took over at Iowa Wesleyan College and Valdosta State University and had success [ clarification needed ] there during the late s and early s.


Hal Mumme’s Air Raid Offense 3-Pack

Buy Now, Watch Now! In NCAA history, there have been 79 times a quarterback has thrown for at least 4, yards in a season; 65 of them have come since Coach Mumme starts with warm-up drills.

If Cam Newton or Johnny Manziel ever did something that made you jump off mume couch, you have Mumme to thank. Two years ago, Yasiel Puig fled Cuba in the hands of black-market smugglers.

Air raid offense

They didn’t have to stay. Add hhal Cart Was: Get Your Free Catalog. He told Aransas and every team that would interview him that he had no use for three yards and a cloud of dust. He believed artistry would emerge naturally from the simplicity, not the complexity, of his playbook.

Urban Meyer, then the wide receivers coach at Notre Dame, and Sean Payton, then the quarterbacks coach for mumne Philadelphia Eagles, were among those who made the pilgrimage to Lexington to see what this lunacy was about.