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The Herbie Hancock Minor Chord Voicing is a rich and full sounding six note chord. It is used over a minor7 chord when there is a 9th in the melody. Free video, notation, and extra tips in this Herbie Hancock jazz piano lesson. Here is the notation for all the chord voicings I play on Maiden Voyage. Herbie. Chord Voicings. Play. There’s a near-infinite number of ways play chords on your instrument. Learn some of Herbie’s go-to approaches, and let them spark your.

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Remember that the 5th interval can be played low down in the bass without sounding too muddy. It is just one tool you can use if you feel like. Herbie was one of the first jazz pianists to embrace synthesizers and funk music. This is a great reference for practicing this voicing: When finding a new chord: We explore the voicing options for major chords under each note of the Lydian Voicijgs which is a common scale to play over major chords.

You can do this chromatically by moving up or down the keyboard. As the top note in the voicing is the 9th — look out for minor chords with the 9th in the melody and then simply slot this voicing underneath.

Jazz Piano Lesson – Minor 13 Voicings – Jazz Piano Lessons Online

Download exercises for this lesson here. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. This is a great reference for practicing this voicing:.


Check out the video here: It sounds great in the lower registers because of the 5th interval vociings the left hand. The question is always if I find out something new: This voicing definitely has a funky vibe to it! Be the first to find out about new lessons… Leave us your email address below to get notified on the latest jazz piano lessons, learning resources and practice tips and tricks.

Sure, I had heard it many times.

Herbie Hancock Minor Chord Voicing – The Jazz Piano Site

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. How to approach the minor 7 voicing you should know Here is how I see it: I will explain more under the video.

I have this voicing now in my toolbox and am ready to play it whenever I am playing a minor 7 chord. Also try using the voicing in different registers of the piano.

So, I knew about it well, but had never taken the time to practice this voicing in all the keys. Hanccock voicing is more difficult to play in some keys – don’t fret about this! How can I use it the best way, and how can I practice it to get it into my playing as quick as possible.

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I personally did not know about it before just a few months ago. The voicing is named after Herbie Hancock who is one of the most famous modern jazz pianists and composers.


Just make a note of the keys that you can play it in and find alternate minor voicings to use for the other keys. The Herbie Hancock voicing is a rich-sounding, two-handed minor 11th chord.

Herbie Hancock Minor Chord Voicing

Practice Tips Practice this voicing by taking it through all 12 keys. Now I have, and the voicing is stuck in my fingers together with the million other combinations. We explore voicings for each note of the dorian mode. I combine it with A and B voicings that I show you on the jazz piano course. Herhie this voicing by taking it through all 12 keys.

The best way to learn the voicing is to memorise these scale degrees and then apply it to any minor key. Here is how I see it: Download the Herbie Hancock voicing in all 12 keys. Leave us herbid email address below to get notified on the hanocck jazz piano lessons, learning resources and practice tips and tricks. Watch this and never again get stuck on what to play for minor chords!

Especially from Herbie Hancock and many others.