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The historian A. J. P. Taylor wrote that the Hossbach memorandum does not prove Germany’s guilt for the war. The meeting on 5. of November basicly. The Hossbach memorandum – a summary of a meeting between Hitler, ministers and military commanders, where war plans were discussed. Consideration of the Hossbach Memorandum has played a significant role in deciding the question of Hitler’s intention to wage war in Europe.

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Nor was a French march through Belgium and Holland without British support to be expected; this also was a course not to be contemplated by us in the event of a conflict with France, because it would certainly entail the hostility of Britain. Adolf Hitler killed himself on April 30th, – just days before Germany’s unconditional surrender.

Also, they stated that the ‘contingencies’ that Hitler described as the prerequisite for war were too unlikely to occur such as the apparent certainty expressed in the document of the Spanish Civil War leading to a Franco-Italian war in the Mediterranean or that France was on the verge of civil war. This is used for a registered author who enrolls in the HubPages Earnings program and requests to be paid via PayPal.

The campaigns of Frederick the Great for Silesia and Bismarck’s wars against Austria and France had involved unheard-of risk, and the swiftness of the Prussian action in had kept Austria from entering the war. If we did not act by hosebach any year could, in consequence of a lack of reserves, produce the food crisis, to cope with which the necessary foreign exchange was not available, and this must be regarded as a “waning point of the regime. He wanted small wars of plunder to help support Germany’s struggling economy.

Also, Hitler did not review the minutes of the meeting, instead and insisted, as he commonly did, that he was too busy to bother with such small details.

Moreover, areas producing raw materials can be more usefully sought in Europe in immediate proximity to the Reich, than overseas; the solution thus obtained must suffice for one or two generations.

The Fuehrer agrees to this memorandu the limitation that he thinks he should reserve a decision mrmorandum a proper moment. Kluge argues his case compellingly, although the narrative style is somewhat weak. This attractive work includes the complete text of the Hossbach protocol as an appendix, four photos, and a comprehensive bibliography.

The Hossbach Memorandum

Nor had the Fuehrer in mind military agreements with Italy, but wanted, while retaining his own independence of action, to exploit this favorable situation, which would not occur again, to begin and carry through the campaign against the Czechs.


Views Read Edit View history. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, memoeandum our Privacy Policy at: If the Czechs were overthrown and a common German-Hungarian frontier achieved, a neutral attitude on the part of Poland could be the more certainly counted on in the event of a Franco-German conflict.

Some articles have YouTube videos embedded in them. The author was born in in Memoranduum WroclawSilesia.

The degree of surprise and the swiftness of our action were decisive factors for Poland’s attitude. Our relative strength would decrease in relation to the rearmament which would by then memoradnum been carried out by the rest of the world. We were living in an age of economic empires in which the primitive urge to colonization was again manifesting itself; in the cases of Japan and Italy economic motives underlay the urge for expansion, and with Germany, too, economic need would supply the stimulus.

However, the British historian A J P Taylor, who was certainly no friend of Germany, took the view that the Memorandum proved nothing of the sort and could not be used as documentary evidence that Hitler was hell-bent on war at this time. Germany’s future was therefore wholly conditional upon the solving of the need for space, and such a solution could be sought, of course, only for a foreseeable period of about one to three generations. To this there were limitations which we memkrandum unable to remove.

As our interest lay more in the prolongation of the war in Spain, it must be the immediate aim of our policy to strengthen Italy’s rear with a view to her remaining in the Balearics. Likewise, Russia was too preoccupied with events to the east, concerning Japan, to be an obstacle to Germany in the west.

The Nazis’ Hossbach Memorandum Document of | Owlcation

The important role of the fraudulent Hossbach protocol at the Nuremberg Tribunal is another damning confirmation of the illegitimate, show-trial character of this most extravagant judicial memrandum in history.

However, Hitler said nothing about making war on his neighbours at an early date. Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. Taylor drew attention to one thing that the memorandum can be used to prove; ‘ GoeringRaeder and Neurath had sat by and approved of Hitler’s aggressive plans’.

Hitler announced no new course in German foreign policy, much less a plan for aggressive war. Google provides ad serving technology and runs an ad network. After the conference, three of the attendees BlombergFritsch and Neurath all argued that the foreign policy Hitler had outlined was too risky, as Germany needed more time to rearm.

Nor did they consider the meeting particularly important. Apparently none of the other participants even knew of the existence of the Colonel’s conference record.


Count Friedrich Hossbach was the staff officer who took the minutes of the meeting, which is why his name is attached to the document, which was discovered after the war and presented in evidence at the Nuremberg trials.

In appraising the situation Field Marshal von Blomberg and Colonel General von Fritsch repeatedly emphasized the necessity that Britain and France must not appear in the role of our enemies, and stated that the French Army would not be so committed by the war with Italy that France could not at the same time enter the field with forces superior to ours on our western frontier.

The Origins of the Second World War – after A. J. P. Taylor

It was not possible over the long run, in a continent enjoying a practically common standard of living, to meet the food supply difficulties by lowering that standard and by rationalization. Germany’s problem could only be solved by means of force and this was never without attendant risk. This service allows you to sign up for or associate a Google AdSense account with HubPages, so that you can earn money from ads on your articles.

Should the Mediterranean conflict under discussion lead to a general mobilization in Europe, then we must immediately begin action against the Czechs. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. The latter arrested him and he was therefore in their custody when the war ended.

Friedrich Hossbach died in at the age of However, in a supplementary “Second Thoughts” added to later editions, the renowned British historian admitted that he had initially been “taken in” by the “legend” of the document.

It was named for the keeper of the minutes of the meeting, Hitler’s military adjutantColonel Count Friedrich Hossbach. The necessity for action before would arise in cases 2 and 3. Historians have continued to argue ever since about whether the Hossbach meeting marked a turning point in the events leading to World War II, or whether it is wrong to see the Memorandum in this light.

The Fuehrer dismissed this idea on the ground that the possibility of a conflict need not yet be regarded as imminent. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so.

Reviewed by Mark Weber Hitler, we’re told over and over again, set out to conquer the world, or at least Europe.