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With more than 50 million units sold, Rummikub is one of the world’s best-selling and most-played games. It has all the elements that make a great game. To play the tile game Word Rummikub, combine tiles to create words on the table each turn. Manipulate the words on the table to form new words. However, the description there is not of the Turkish game Okey, but of a game similar to the Sabra version of Rummikub®, which is played with.

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Take the fourth tile from a run or group to complete your own set or add a fourth to another group and take another tile to create a new set.

The false jokers are not jnstrucciones – they are used only to represent the tiles that have become jokers. Once a winner has been declared, the losing players must add up the values of the tiles remaining in their racks their score for the game. So for example a black 7 plus two red 7’s would not form a valid set.

El vendedor asume toda la responsabilidad de este anuncio. Choose your language deutsch english.

How Rummikub Works

You are bidding on a. If you have a winning hand of groups and runs using at least one joker, you do not have to expose it immediately. Each pair must consist of two identical tiles for example two black 9’s. The Turkish language Okey blog by Instruccciones Akkor provides Okey news, advice and anecdotes; he has also provided a Turkish page on how to play Okey.


Tiles are shuffled together and either placed into a bag or spread out face down across the table.

Ver todas las definiciones de estado: If you are able to end the game by discarding a joker and exposing your remaining 14 tiles as a winning hand, your win is worth twice as much as an ordinary win. Retrieved 9 June The joker is the tile of the same colour and one number greater than the face up tile.

The only limit to the length of a run is the extremes of the tile values.

Rummkiub other projects Wikimedia Commons. Player A will now have a cumulative score of 18, player B will be -5, player C will be and player D will be During a player’s turn, sets of tiles that have already been played may be manipulated to allow more tiles to be played. A group is formed when three or four tiles of the same numbers are put together; like suits in a deck of cards, each number will have a different color. Also, if at the start of the play, a player shows the tile that matches the face up tile on the six-tile stack, each of the other players loses 1 point.

Tiles are returned to the pool, and players collect 14 random tiles and arrange them on their racks. During the game each player instruccilnes a hand of 14 tiles. Much like the card games gin, rummy and even solitaireit’s not a lack of expertise that instrhcciones cause a loss.

A player may not use other players’ tiles to make the “initial meld”. The object is, by drawing and discarding tiles, to be the first to form a hand nistrucciones consists entirely of sets of equal numbered tiles, and runs of consecutive tiles of the same colour. Players have 14 or 16 tiles initially and take turns putting down tiles from their racks into sets groups or runs of at least three, drawing a tile if they cannot play.


The Original Rummikub® Classic Favorite Game – Pressman Toy :Pressman Toy

The two valid set types are called runs and groups. So on your first turn, you must lay either groups or runs that add up to at least 30 points. For instance, a run of 4, 5, 6, 7, tummikub is on the table. Scoring is then carried out in the normal manner.

Rummikub | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

If the game ends without any player exposing a winning hand because there are no tiles left to draw, and the player whose turn it is cannot win by taking the previous discardthen there is no score. OkeyOnline is a multiplayer online Okey game for the rummilub.

You rumkikub take a tile from the pool in the hopes it’ll help you snag a point set to get you in the game. If a player cannot make an initial meld, they must pick up a single tile from the pool and add it to their rack. These can get very involved, requiring several steps. I will file an non-payment with e bay after the 7th day of not receiving it.