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The ISO Central Secretariat accepts no liability in this area. International Standard ISO was prepared by the European Committee for. Buy KS B ISO Mechanical vibration — Measurement and evaluation of human exposure to hand-transmitted vibration — Part 2: Practical guidance. ISO MECHANICAL VIBRATION – MEASUREMENT AND EVALUATION OF HUMAN EXPOSURE TO HAND-TRANSMITTED VIBRATION – PART 2.

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BS EN ISO 5349-2:2001+A1:2015

Take the smart route to manage medical device compliance. This Indian Standard has been developed from Doc: It is possible to measure and report the vibration levels produced by handheld equipment using products such as the Larson Davis HVM Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

For each operation i, the vibration total value, afhvi. International Standard ISO Whichever method is used for vibration measurement, the total exposure time per day has to be found.

In these cases short-term measurements can only be made during each phase of the work operation. Where sequential measurements are made, it is important to ensure that all operating conditions remain the same for the three measurements of x- y- and z-axis vibration.

In addition uncertainty of the overall evaluation of vibration exposure will be affected by changes which occur in the course of any working day, such as – changes in the condition of oso tool and inserted tool e.

МКС EN ISO 5349-2:2010/A1:2016

This part of ISO provides a means to determine the relevant operations which should be taken into account when determining the vibration exposure. Guidelines for Tool Manufacturers The goal for tool 5349- should be to reduce vibrations through better design of tools. The acceierometer or accelerometers is attached directly to the hole using a standard mounting stud. However, some instruments only 534-92 singlp-axis measurement, and on very light objects it may only be advisable to measure in one direction at a time sequential measurementdue to the need to ensure that the total mass of the accelerometers and mounting system is small compared to the mass of the power tool, power tool handle or hand-held workpiece.


If a measurement has been made for a period while the hand is in contact with the vibrating surface, evaluate the total contact time per day. All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

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An Introduction to Hand/Arm Vibration – National Instruments

In this case the typical daily vibration exposure estimate. The mechanical filter acts as a low-pass filter attenuating the frequencies which cause DC- shift, while vibration in the frequency range of interest is not influenced. The analyses isi provide good resolution at low frequencies, and use a sample rate high enough to obtain accurate information at high frequencies.

Frequency analysis will also provide information on any dominant frequencies, and harmonics, which may help to identify effective vibration control measures. However, there are some situations where triaxial measurement may not be possible 53349-2 necessary. Maximum value of the frequency weighted acceleration.

Measuring and calculating the value of actual vibration exposure, also known as A 8 Back to Top 4.

InterRegs: EN ISO : | Mobile Construction Equipment

Forces that Act on Tools Process Ios tool only Rotating imbalance Acceleration of pistons Variations in motor torque Process Dependent Contact between the tool and the work piece for example, an angle grinder Reflected shock waves for example, hammer Back to Top 9. Analogue data recorders often have dynamic ranges from 40 dB to 50 dB which will usually result in the low-frequency components of 5349- acceleration signal being lost in the magnetic tape noise.


In addition to vibration magnitude information and the estimate of the number of bursts of vibration exposures per day, the evaluation of daily vibration exposure requires information on the measurement duration and the number of bursts of vibration during the measurement period.

The duration 55349-2 measurement should include as little time before, between and after bursts of vibration as possible. However, In some situations it may be desirable to obtain an evaluation of exposure based on exposure information obtained over periods greater than one day. With adaptors which fit between the fingers, the transducers should be mounted as close 53492 possible to the surface of the tool handle to minimize amplification of rotational vibration components.

However, much of this energy is at frequencies well outside the frequency range used in this part of ISO Percussive drills, hammers and breakers. In general, the European and other vibration directives are designed to help employers reduce risk of employee injury and liability. The accelerometer chosen for the measurement has therefore to be able to operate at these very high vibration magnitudes and yet still respond to 3549-2 much lower magnitudes in the frequency range from 6,3 Hz to Hz one-third-octave band mid-frequencies.

The effect on the human body is dependent kso the magnitude of vibration, the frequency content, and the duration of exposure.

Such a filter reduces the very high frequency content of the transients, and prevents the mechanical overloading of the piezoelectric system. For very low impact rates, e. Where single-axis measurements are to be used, the single axis shall be the dominant axis.