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Ithell COLQUHOUN The daughter of a civil servant in India, Margaret Ithell Colquhoun was born in Shillong, Assam on 9 October , but was. In the foreword to Ithell Colquhoun’s strange alchemical novella Goose of Hermogenes, Peter Owen paints a vivid picture of the writer and artist. The following text is adapted from the writings of Richard Shillitoe, whose biographical and bibliographical work on Ithell Colquhoun pretty much make him the.

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Ithell Colquhoun – Wikipedia

However, despite her residence and commitment to Cornwall, she was never made a Bard of the Cornish Gorseth, most likely due to her esoteric leanings.

InIthell tied for first place in the Slade Summer Composition with Judith Showing the Head of Holofernes, which may have been an homage to a similarly titled piece by Gentileschi, as most likely was her composition entitled Susanna and the Elders.

Colquhoun penned two other pieces of magical fiction, I Saw Water and Destination Limbo which were rejected by publishers as unmarketable.

Following graduation she travelled widely in Mediterranean countries, painting many watercolours of scenes in Greece and Corsica. Surrealist Manifesto Surrealist automatism Surrealist cinema Surrealist music Surrealist techniques Surreal humour Women surrealists Dada Abstract expressionism Paranoiac-critical method.

In Nevill Drury ed. Colquhoun gained an early reputation within the British Surrealist movement yet later became better known as an occultist. Unknown person s Surrealist painting by Gillian [Cece] [c. By the late s, however, Ithell progressed into much bolder depictions of the male form, some so bold that one gallery refused to display Gouffres Amers Moore April, She was consistently working with otherworldly realms, and although she was ithsll automatic processes, she was also directing the symbolism and the colours for specific ends.

InBreton noted that the two primary visual forms of Surre- alist expression were based either in automatism or the ithe,l of iyhell like images, but said that automatism was closer to true Surrealist method. Unknown person s Surrealist painting by colquhoyn of Ithell Colquhoun [c. In later life, her work lost some of her initial intensity and took on a more poetic, mystical view of life and our place in nature.


Ithell Colquhoun

Eileen Agar and Ithell Colquhoun”. She visited Brittany several times with her Druidic order and became a member of the Breton Goursez, most likely due to a reciprocal arrangement between these Druidic orders. There might colquoun an indica- tion that Colquhoun believed sacred sites to also be dimensional portals, as some of the colour sketches she did of the Merry Maidens and the Men an Tol—an unusual stone itheol in West Cornwall—show the sites as existing in a cubic space with a similar colour scheme to the tesseracts that were a persistent source of interest.

Concrescent Scholars is dedicated to bringing together all who work, learn, ithel live in the Esoteric that they may flourish materially, intellectu- ally, and spiritually. This incident had a devastat- ing effect on Ithell Levy Because she considered herself to be engaging in magical acts, and because she believed in ithel objective reality of the figures and concepts with which she was working, her use of them was both divina- tory and ritualistic.

Stylistically her artwork was surrealist in content and for a brief time she was part of the organised British surrealist movement. She cilquhoun prolific with just about everything she did. Much of the work is an amalgam of alchemi- cal visual images set on paper. For further information on Colquhoun, her publications and public galleries where her work can be seen, please visit www.

Ithell Colquhoun was an artist, poet and novelist. In the s she moved to Cornwall, where she died in a fire.

The Spanish painter had termed this approach his ‘paranoiac-critical method’, by which two or more independent images were simultaneously discernible within the same forms. She continued to experiment with artistic techniques, and in later life, turned increasingly to collages and constructions.

Despite these parallels, Colquhoun broke with Surrealism in rather than sacrifice her interest in the occult. Boland Surrealist painting by D. Although she was unsuccessful at her attempts to become an initiate of Golden Dawn at an early stage, the Golden Dawn system of magic was clearly one of her guiding principles, and copquhoun wrote the influential account of the Golden Dawn magicians, The Sword of Wisdom, published in In she painted a watercolour of Allan Bennett, a Golden Dawn adept and magical teacher of Aleister Crowley and she was experimenting with alchemical themes in art from the late s.


Although she had always been ithelll solitary woman, toward the end of her life she suffered more from depression and anxiety and found it difficult to find help coluqhoun support. Enter the email address colquhiun signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Ithell Colquhoun Penwith Society of Arts first exhibition catalogue You might like Left Right. Subscription or UK public library membership required. For instance, she interpreted the four major automatic processes as corresponding to the four elements: She finally moved to Cornwall inwhere she lived until her death on 11 April On top of this, she is to be the focal point of an academic conference in Plymouth in March In pursuing her Celtic interests Ithell took initiations with, and studied with, a number of organizations.

One was the portrait of a kneeling youth Beau Gosseprivate collection ; 21 in one hand he holds a thorn with which ithekl seems to have wounded his other wrist. In addition, she was a practicing magician. Surrealism, Paintings, Drawings, Collagesexh.

Colour was a very important aspect of her work. She created numerous studies in watercolour of the hermaphrodite, using red and blue on conjoined figures seen ithwll the side. It remains unclear to what degree this order was established in its initiatory process, but it is very clear from her notes and the art work which remains in her archives that she was working on Second Order-level Golden Dawn material Colquhoun, Magical drawings and diagrams ss.