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JASO D – JAPANESE AUTOMOBILE STANDARD JAS0 D General rules of environmental testi. Buy JASO D Electrical Equipment – General Rules Of Environmental Testing Methods For Automotive Electronic Equipment from SAI Global. Find the most up-to-date version of JASO D at Engineering

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Raytac Module MDBT40/MDBT40-P Certified Automotive Standard JASO D001-94

Which conditions in the referred standard or rule to be applied was not clear. As for the details such as kinds of signal lines indicated in the test circuit, etc.

Most of the equipments will not cause any trouble with the class 1 test voltage for the normal and cold area specifications, but the class 2 voltage shall be used under the agreement between the persons concerned when the effect of engine frictions, etc.

Impressing method of voltage is specified to simulate a practical electrostatic discharge case that the electrode of the probe shall slowly approach iaso the impressing point so that the discharge within the air occurs.

L L ;c: Equipment installed inside the engine room other than class 4. Take the specimen out of the chamber, remove water drops from its surface, if any, then keep it ajso 2 hours or more under room temperature, test it according to 5. Specified values of resistor and capacitor shall be true value, not designated value. As jasl the intensity of interference s001 field to be impressed in the test, jaxo numerical values of 0.

The of class 3 carry out according to necessary conditions. Impressing may be done not only between the earth terminal and all other terminals but also, if necessary, between each terminal and s001 case, and in particular case test conditions test voltage, applying period, number Equipment subject to electrostatic test Although kinds of equipment subject to Type A through Type C electrostatic tests are basically left to the agreement between the perties concerned, some examples are given in Explanatory Table 2 for reference taking account of the degree of effects on the vehicle when the equipment have occurred abnormalities.


However, since JIS K is the standard to specify the testing the physical properties of sulfurized rubber, only the provision for testing oil v001 referred in those standards and in respect of the method of testing, a unique method newly developped to judge whether the test shall be required or not and the testing conditions were specified.

The length of the grounding is desirable to keep constant within the range of 30 – 70cm. Results of the study on electrostatic charged voltages of passenger car drivers in winter Fig.

Typical values of the former are as follows, and constants of parts of the test circuit are specified based on them: Although it is desirable that the test apparatus shown in Fig. This test, however, shall not be applied to the case of a chamber of O or C more.

Then operate the test specimen under the same condition for 94 -t 2 hours. Upper portion of the instrument panel: I 5 2 Salt water spray test. The method for natural drop to be alternatively employed was specified so as to be simply applied, where a little bit more severe condition than what is expected at usual handling was specified.


Care must be taken because batteries may explode if sparks are generated near them. JAS0 D 5 Jqso of voltage and temperature There was an opinion offered at the committee meeting, under which the conditions for voltage and temperature should be combined by specifying the normal voltage test to be carried out at high temperature and low temperature, or to make the operational voltage of equipment varied at heat cycle test.

B-1 is a test against the transient voltage discharged from the field coil to the loading side when the ignition switch is opened in the 12V system. In respect jado the jasso required of test, the 96 hours 4 days was decided to be designated as the condition representing them.

Lower the temperature gradually, when the temperature has reached to – 30 O Ckeep the equipment for 1 f 0. A transient voltage will occur when Si is turned off.

Purpose This standard aims to establish a unified test method in order to evaluate the performance of automotive electronic equipment under various environmental conditions. Accordingly, connection of test specimen when micro-interruption is operated it was decided to confirm whether or not any abnormity be happened. Accordingly, from a reason that those test items may be optionally applied after selection by user, case by case, it was concluded for these items to be kept on this standard as thev were.

In addition, grounding of whole test devices is necessary in order to the stabilization of reference potential and the safety during tests. In addition, in respect of the allowable range of temperatures, it was unified so as to jsso equal to k 2 O as high in accordance with v001 C relating international standard, after the performance available from the existing constant temperature chamber in the market having been investigated. Refer to Table 5 in the Text Type E is the test against the transient voltages that occur at the loading side when the battery switch is opened on 24V system vehicle diesel engine vehicle.

The classification d0001 equipment shall be as follows: Output impedance of the test voltage generating circuit Fig. Major portions revised and matters discussed as problem at committee meeting 2 Testing items removed The revisions on this time were made based on the results of review of testing items covering the general requirements for environment and efforts to make the format and style of this standard in better order so as to make it in accordance with JIS 2 as well as the modification made as the results of comparison with the similar international standards.

JASO D 94 datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

B-2 is a test against the transient voltage which generates when the induction loads relay, solenoid, etc. Even C equipments installed in the vehicle room are subject to severe temperature conditions if they are so located as exposed to direct rays of sunshine when the vehicle is parked at a high temperature ares.


Herein those JASOs standards, the testing conditions were dicided to be specified as the general conditoins representing it. The test shall be carried out for following equipments: Power source of charge on capacitor C Ei: It is also expected that the voltage may rise near to the primary inductive voltage at the time when the breaker is connected, according to the condition of arc discharge suppression.

A power supply switching device is fitted in the test circuit as shown by S1 in Fig.

Impression duration for applying electromagnetic trouble factors and other test conditions conditions that may affect on troubles according to the modulation method for interfering electromagnetic waves, degree of modulation, modulation frequency, etc, and other environmental conditions are not particularly specified in this standard, but it is recommendable to carry out the tests by selecting appropriate test durations and conditions which best fit to each object.

Constants of circuit are as listed in Table 5. Type B and Type C Impressing at operating portion tests These are the tests assuming the case that electrostatic discharge occurs a manual operating portion where the driver may have frequently to touch and the equipment malfunctions and burn out damage.

In respect of method of treatment for measurement of performance after the temperature and humidity cycle test, the three conditions as listed hereunder were specified.: This is a test to evaluate the resistance against the over- voltage supplied in the case mentioned above, the objective equipment to which are same as those mentioned in the paragraph 5.

Exponential function type decaying positive polarity transient voltage Type B and Type E: Foregoing results are, however, obtained on bench assembled tests, and it was confirmed that only the lower transient voltage would occur on vehicle tests as compared with bench tests. Confirm also the appearance, etc.

Although every type of electromagnetic wave should be included in the applicable frequency range, the provision is jaxo mainly for the frequency band from MF medium frequency band to UHF ultra high frequency band jzso have the great effect in daily operation.

The A method is set considering this situation. Capacity 15OpF of the capacitor C and value of resistance R are specified based on the electrostatic discharge equivalent circuit of the human body and conformity with IS0 standard. The test aims to evaluate the voltage resistance against the overvoltage generated in case above mentioned. Equipment subject to transient voltage test Although kinds of equipment subject to Type A through Type F transient voltage tests are basically left to the agreement of the parties concerned, some examples are given below for the reference taking account of the degree of effects of kinds of devices jxso the vehicle when some abnormalities have occurred Explanatory Table l.

The same as shown in Fig.