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Thus begins The Journeys of Socrates — an odyssey that forged the character of Sergei Ivanov, whose story would one day change the lives of. The Way Begins Sergei was three when the soldiers took him. At fifteen he fled into the wilderness, with nothing to cling to but the memories of a gran. In his landmark novel, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Millman blended fact and fiction to tell the story of a young man whose life is.

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Paulo Coelho Narrated by: No Ordinary Moments Millmxn It’s a beautiful and heart-felt story that is filled with Millman’s great wisdoms and insights into life. I started this book as a novel. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

There is nothing better than being able to read an exciting story and also learn how to live in a better way at the same time. The Laws of Spirita parable and teaching tale, opens as Dan Millman encounters a mysterious woman sage in the wooded hills near his home. Sergei chose to crea This was a fantastic read.


This book gives me an extreme appreciation for the way of the peaceful warrior and what Socrates passes to Dan to share with the world, makes me think of what all clashes in the world so that we are who we are now, and how a decision someone makes affects so many lifes, even a century or more later. The Journeys of Socrates is the story of a young boy’s journey towards becoming a man, through a life of hardship, trial and a lot of pain, and his ultimate triumph over his circumstances, and, himself.

We’ll publish them on our site journrys we’ve reviewed them. To see what your friends thought of this socrages, please sign up.

Makes a difference in my life and many more. And no one you will wish to overcome. The Six Sacred Stones.


Another powerful story Uourneys powerful story from Dan Millman!! Again jougneys a life changing book, Dan Millman has provided us the insights to learn from within. He is the one who is called Socrates in the other Peaceful Warrior books. After a period of training with the man he calls Socrates, Dan Millman is sent away by his old mentor to apply what he has learned to everyday life.

Thank you Dan, Socrates, Ania and everyone who had to go thru what they had to go thru and still kept going.

The Journeys of Socrates by Dan Millman

The unfolding of events in The Journeys of Socrates inspires hope, whether you believe in the concept of God’s will or not. I just couldn’t get invested in the book when I didn’t believe the characters.

Millman isn’t a Hemingway but this was especially hokey in some areas. It is a marvelous work and I will recommend it often. Some great insights into life and a great ending. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Another powerful story from Dan Millman!! Jan 24, Daniel Stein rated it really liked it. In this in-depth audio learning program, Dan shares the full scope of his insights and tools for those seeking practical wisdom leading to a peaceful heart and warrior’s spirit.

I am a part-time book selller for a small Waldenbooks in Vermont and this is my first contact with your work. Part truth, part fiction– The Journeys of Socrates is the retelling of the author’s great-grandfather’s legacy, taken from first-hand accounts and peppered with artistic license. The adventure that unfolds is not about the revolutions of history, but about the revolution in one man’s heart. Through his journey I felt as if I were there, beside him, and as “we” continued toward our goal of revenge, my heart lightened and my soul filled with love and forgiveness.

No book speaks to everyone, but I believe it will sing for many. I guess I really wanted to hear the message of self-reliance that flows through this book. Those who are looking for a book to learn something worthy to get rid of all anxiety, stress and building a life wrapped up in cover of tranquility, they are most welcome to try it.


The Journeys of Socrates

From the heights of love to the depths of despair, from the threat of a mortal enemy to the search for a child he has never met, Sergei Ivanov’s odyssey unlocks hidden wisdom at the heart of life. Oct 20, Earthmama92 rated it it was ok. As all good books do, it made me laugh sometimes, it made me cry sometimes, and it made me think, a lot.

And I learned so much. Dec 11, Wellington rated it it was amazing. More about Journeys of Socrates. I didn’t particularly enjoy this book. This is not an easy read, but it’s surely very satisfying.

The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side. He ean never have imagined that from the moment of his birth he was destined to become the peaceful warrior who would change the lives of millions worldwide.

The Wisdom of Insecurity.

It’s a very wise but painful lesson. In his landmark novel, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Millman blended fact and fiction to tell the story of a young man whose life is transformed by his encounter with a mysterious sage named Socrates.

So I picked The Journeys of Socrates reluctantly. I loved the wild setting and great detail used to describe the character’s appearances and emotions. There are also countless ways to socratee how special this book is, that I don’t know where to begin.