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Willumsen, Noah () Reading Kafka: Or, If You Find the Odradek, Kill It. Undergraduate Thesis, University of Pittsburgh. (Unpublished). Some say the word odradek comes from the Slavonic and look for the word’s derivation If Kafka had been a revolutionary, he would have made suppositories. “The Cares of a Family Man” by Franz Kafka is all about Odradek (a pool of thread), an inanimate object that has taken on a personality of its.

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But it is not, and this changes everything. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed.

The Trial The Castle Amerika. Short stories by Franz Kafka. Inthe story appeared in Ein Landarzt.

The Cares of a Family Man

No one, of course, would occupy himself with such studies if there were not a creature called Odradek. It is discovered that Odradek can speak, again seen as having human capabilities. Of course, you kafkw no difficult questions to him, you treat him — he is so diminutive that you cannot help it — rather like a child.

He does no harm to anyone that one can see; but the idea that he is likely to survive me I find almost painful. Can he jafka die? At first glance it looks like a flat star-shaped spool for thread, and indeed it does seem to have thread odtadek upon it; to be sure, they are only old, broken-off bits of thread, knotted and tangled together, of the most varied sorts and colors.


Sometimes he is not to be seen for a month at a time, having probably moved on to other houses; but he never fails to return to our house.

Jean-Claude Milner notes in ” Odradek, la bobine de scandale ” that “odradek” is also part of an anagram for the Greek word dodekaedron.

This is how we are to understand the mixture of disdain and envy that Odradek awakes, and therefore the defamatory strategy of the narrator.

Reading Kafka: Or, If You Find the Odradek, Kill It

But it is not only a spool, for a small wooden crossbar sticks out of the middle of the star, and another small rod odraedk joined to that at a right angle. Franz Kafka Some say the word Odradek is of Slavonic origin, and try to account for it on that basis. Odrafek Kafka’s aphorisms, I will argue that an interpretation of his works must deal only with their sensus literalis.

These details offer the reader the ability to examine and criticize the purpose and necessities of objects for things or people such as Odradek.

Per-Oskar Leu – Odradek

Because he is the image of the absence of worries, Odradek worries the family man. In the fourth paragraph the narrator states that Odradek has a lingering presence in his home, often not seen but his presence is noticeable.

Can he even die? But it is not only a spool, for a small wooden crossbar sticks out of the middle of the star, and another small rod is joined to that at a right angle. Will he therefore one day tumble down the stairs before the feet of my children and my children’s children, trailing a line of thread after him? It’s clear he does nobody any harm; but the notion that he might even outlive me is almost painful to me. By means of this latter rod on one side and one of the points of the star on the other, the whole thing can stand upright as if on two legs.


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Worries of a Family Man : Mediations : Journal of the Marxist Literary Group

To the superiority of a practical man is here added that of a humorous fellow with his head screwed on straight. Even these answers are not always forthcoming; often he stays mute for a long time, as wooden as his appearance.

I will focus on “Die Sorge des Hausvaters” as a case study, though I will also touch on Die Verwandlung”Von den Gleichnissen” and the aphorisms. Notify me of new posts via email. It sounds something like the rustling of fallen leaves. This indicates that Odradek has no identifiable meaning, and therefore no apparent origin. The story deals with the narrators attempt to make sense of the only additional character, Odradek, and gives a detailed description of the creature in the second paragraph:.

The uncertainty of both interpretations allows one to assume with justice that neither is accurate, especially as neither of them provides an intelligent meaning of the word. This page was last edited on 9 Augustat