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dramatists of Poland, his best-known plays being Kartoteka (The Card . pera”; ” Opowiadanie dydaktyczne”; “Od jakiegos czasu”; “Streszczenie”; “Moja poezja. Kartoteka Bibliografii Literackiej Zawartości Czasopism Polskich XIX i XX wieku Wydział Nauk o Zdrowiu Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Lublinie Streszczenie . (streszczenie). Przedmiotem rozważań jest estetyczne podejście do historii traktowane jako przykład działań performatywnych. Obserwowane w kulturze zmiany.

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Pore geometry of ceramic device: Reduction of these parameters within each category was performed by using the principal component analysis method. Reaction mechanism has been proposed on the basis of reaction intermediate isolation and their structure determination.

The use of in vitro culture in dianthus propagation. Zeolites as possible biofortifiers in Maitake cultivation. Milosevic, M et al.

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Considering the age of Stefan represented in the portrait composition, it is assumed that the decoration of the church was completed around The numerical amplitudes and cross sections of nucleus-nucleus scattering are compared with exact calculations. He suggests that the origin of life is a purposeful process. Supplement to the paper ‘Quadratic Sagnac effect — the influence of the gravitational potential of the Coriolis force on the phase difference between the arms of a rotating Michelson interferometer an explanation of D C Miller’s experimental results, — ‘ Usp.

Applying FA to a dataset that consists of 15 chemical parameters measured on 40 groundwater samples from Serbia, four factors were extracted, which explain Their relevance comes from recent ecological phenomenon of habitat fragmentation which is rapidly increasing during last decades. Full Text Available Multivariate statistical analyses are used for reducing large datasets to a smaller number of variables, which explain main hydrogeochemical processes that control water geochemistry.


Kartoteka Tadeusza Różewicza : Zofia Masłowska :

With this idea in mind, I present below an article based on the text published in No. Book of abstracts of the VIII scientific and technical conference Young people in science; Sbornik annotatsij dokladov Vos’moj nauchno-tekhnicheskoj konferentsii Molodezh’ v nauke.

Pipe branch research was conducted in order to set the experiment and to determine extreme stress states. Prospects of implicit measures in assessment of defensive function of explicit homophobia in heterosexuals. The fuzzy rating of collecting point capacities and fix costs of recycling centers are modeled by triangular fuzzy numbers.

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Identified taxa belonged to different groups of algae, however alkaliphile diatoms were dominant. Philosophical theorizing of early Greek ethics philosophically formatted Greek heritage, initiating substantial changes to the content of strezzczenie ethics. These geosites represent the important localities for study of Triassic and Jurassic terrigene-carbonate deposits, for which the scientific value from the domains of palaeontology, stratigraphy and sedimentology is widely known.

Theoretical and mathematical physics; Experimental physics; Engineering; Information systems and technologies; Industrial, radiation and ecological safety. Fifty strezzczenie of discovery of alpha-fetoprotein as the first tumor marker.

Kartoteka Tadeusza Różewicza : Streszczenie, analiza, interpretacja

However, information is lacking on the effects on the gypsy moth of impaired tree vitality caused by defoliation or parasite infection. Full Text Available Lymantria dispar, a polyphagous insect pest, copes with a wide variety of host-specific allelochemicals.

It was found that fermented triticale stillage after lactic acid fermentation exhibited an inhibitory effect towards tested Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria: Full Text Available In this paper work we wrote about tourism science research as part of geographical science in Serbia, in period after world war second.


The goal was to investigate stability of electric characteristics of solar cells, which are used today in photovoltaic solar modules for charging rechargeable batteries which, coupled with batteries, supply various electronic systems such as radio repeaters on mountains tops, airplanes, mobile communication stations and other remote facilities.

These tablets were immersed in a phosphate-buffered saline solution and tigecycline release was measured by a UV-VIS spectrophotometer. The research is based on the historical and contemporary corpus that also comprises the dialectological material.

Profesor Zbigniew Messner — naukowiec, dydaktyk, wychowawca.

Evaluation of fuzzy model was carried out on kkartoteka samples from two representative wells that are located at depths of two aquifers from which water is taken to supply the population as drinking water. The computed fluorescence lifetimes show good agreement with the available experimental data. Tradicija, inovacija i identitet u vizantijskom svetu, registrovanom pod brojem.

Polyploidy and b chromosomes in Alium flavum from Serbia. GIS technology in regional recognition of the distribution pattern of multifloral honey: Na podstawie oceny dorobku naukowego oraz rozprawy habilitacyjnej w r. Full Text Available Osmotic treatment of the fish Carassius gibelio was studied in two osmotic solutions: