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Format of Code. Types of Code and Breakdown Levels. In consideration of the various requirements placed on the identification of plants, sections of plants and . Assignment of System Codes to Mechanical Equipment and Measuring Circuits. .. Brüter – Kernkraftwerkgesellschaft mbH • Siemens AG, Corporate Groups E. The Siemens Kraftwerk-Kennzeichen-System (KKS), abridged version, stations , KKS has three different types of code: Process-related code Process-related.

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Semens case of single closed regulation circuits, it is divided into 2 parts: The grid sizes and the meaning and type of the data characters A or N are subject to agreement between the parties to the project. The data characters in parentheses may be omitted if the code remains unique. Such established grid after addressing can state the coordinate system.

This applies analogously to supply systems.

This rule does not refer to direct measurement circuits, which apply to technical installation and physical variable. Process-Related Identification Process-related identification of systems and items of equipment according to their function in mechanical, civil, electrical and control and instrumentation engineering. L — Steam, water, gas cycles On breakdown level 2, the individual windings are classified but not on a phase-specific basis by means of GT for transformer equipment and numbered starting on the high-voltage side.


EB – Conditioning of signals related to single drive control. The prefix symbols may be omitted if the information contents of the codes remain unambiguous. N — Process energy supply for external users e.

V Lubricant supply system W Sealing fluid supply system X Fluid supply system for control and protection equipment. On breakdown level 2, transducer racks, supports and frames are identified by means of GZ.

EM – Conditioning of signals related to functional measurement group in digital system. Numbering begins anew for each structure. The latter consist of data characters occupied by alpha and numeric symbols. E — Conventional fuel supply and residues disposal Format of Breakdown Levels Data character F0 contains so called prefix number. Rules on the Keys Identification of the functional groups involved in process-related tasks so as to relate them to the principal task concerned may be performed by using the alpha characters in F Types of Code and Breakdown Levels In consideration of the various requirements placed on the identification of plants, sections of plants and items of equipment in power station, KKS has three different types of code: For example maximum of a few direct measured variables: Format of Breakdown Levels The code is made up of breakdown levels.

Current members of the technical committee are: C — Direct measuring circuits EZ Protection For example: The AN number must consist of three digits. D — Loop control circuits Requirements to be met by the Identification System Introduction Breakdown level 1 System function Serial no. Point of Installation Identification Identification of points of installation of electrical and instrumentation equipment in installation units e.


These analog signal processing elements receive the code of the equipment unit concerned. Codes may be spaced by the insertion of blank spaces or interposing lines at predetermined points and by multiple- line notation: They are made up of classifying and numbering code elements. Every control loop and every closed-loop control circuit comprises measuring, control and positioning elements regardless of whether electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic or other items of equipment are used.

Identification System for Combined Cycle Power Plant (KKS coding)

Wherever possible, all three alphabetical symbols are permanently allocated, including their associated boundary constraints and task allotment in modern power plant technology. Feed water system Control and protection system for steam, LY. Supply systems which serve only one equipment unit are identified on an equal footing as subsystems of the system in which they are installed.

Spaced notation promotes the comprehensibility and mnemonic quality of codes. Special guidelines apply to data characters G, F0 and A3.

EY – Conditioning of signals related to functional protection group of technical and electrical protection system of the unit. In case for eg. AK over a separate position code is to be established, e.