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Getting Started with : Important Details. # Inheritance. Reference App; Welcome; Manage Things. Credits; Demo Mode. The stack versions provide + + + in a single file.

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Am I right in saying backbone and knockout do not solve the same problem? ViewModels differ from Views exactly in this: I’m sure there are but it’s not clear to me given the description.

Looks like SO thinks this question has been deleted, but I would enjoy reading this. To provide feedback leave a message or create an issue. The docs and examples are unnecessarily complex, so I wrote a blog describing Knockback with some very simple examples and a JSFiddle to kncokback you started.


Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Knockout is great for syncing between the client and server, and does history and routing well. When I was looking for my next productivity increase, an ex-work knociback suggested Sproutcore, but at the time, it wasn’t yet micro-frameworky enough meaning I would need to learn something big and “to throw the baby out with the bathwater” as they say it is hard to give up Backbone models and collections!


The main issue is leaving the routing solution up to the library user allowing for any routing solution and generalizing the mechanism for checking the fragment to route. It also seems that Angular. Release Notes Please look at the release notes if you are migrating from an earlier version.

: magic for | Hacker News

You can provide transition animations either during routing assymetic reverse transitions will not work if the page can be reloaded or during button clicks. I also like what I’m seeing with Angular. The usage is similar to kb. Todd on Sept 2, Thank you. Backbone-Relational Backbone Associations new!

Getting Started: Important Details

Do you have any experience with Knockback in production? Don’t get me wrong. FuzzyDunlop on Sept 2, Can another provide examples of where one would be superior over the other? However, Knockout really excels at that, and allows you to do great live updates.

Adding Transition Animations You can provide transition animations either during routing assymetic reverse transitions will not work if the page can be reloaded or during button clicks. And the circle is complete: Test with RunKit Report a vulnerability.


If you feel that this question can be improved and possibly reopened, visit the help center for guidance. Unfortunately I can’t comment on backbone as I haven’t used beyond tutorials, someone else might be able to assist though.

When I was evaluating client-side frameworks, I liked lots of the pieces, but wanted to “mix and match” the best features. Therefore it is easily supportable think 5 years later. That’s too bad, I had bookmarked it as a really good explanation of the difference between ko and backbone Brandon Wittwer 1 8.

Kototama on Sept 2, ViewModels differ from Views exactly in this: This is actually an improper use of views, which should be as logic-less as possible.

I’m curious if you compared Knockback to Angular?

It’s not impossible to get a large organization to adopt. ModelBinder which has proven to be faster, and easier-to-understand. You will knoxkback to provide a routing solution like Backbone.