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Lalitha Ashtothram – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Shri Lalita Ashtothara Namavali – Names of Lalita Devi. transliterated and with translated meaning in English. Om Shri Matre Namaha |1| Salutations to the . This is in romanized sanskrit according to IAST standard. View this in plain english. oṃ rajatācala śṛṅgāgra madhyasthāyai namaḥ.

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Para Shakthi rode in the center on the chariot of Chakra.

Who has faces all round sahtotram see in all directions. Karpura vatikamoda samakarshi digantara: Who wears a garland representing the fifty-one syllables of the Matruka. Who is hard to worship by those having no control over the senses. Paramashiva is one of the trinity of Hindu pantheons, in charge of moksha layam.

Who is adorned with divine ornaments. Who is also the Supreme Self. Who is endowed with the three modes of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Who has an eightfold form.


Who is to be longed for as the highest. Who is frightful to the ignorant Pashu. Who is all radiance with beauty. Thereafter, Devi’s place Chintamani gruhamher war against bandasura, kundalini shakti, her properties such as who can reach her and who cannot, etc. Who destroys demons who embody the forces of evil. Tapatrayagni santapta samahladana chandrika Taruni tapasaradhya tanumadhya tamopaha.

Great Empress of the whole Universe. Who has the sshtotram and other weapons.

Shri Lalita Ashtothara Namavali – Names of Lalita | Red Zambala

It is the only sahasranama that Who is the rain of nectar that puts out the wild fire of Samsara. Who is eternally free.

Who is the giver of salvation. Who is fond of the assembly of the devotees of the heroic mode of worship.

Lalita Ashtottara Sata Namaavali

Whose worship difficult for those whose mental gaze goes outwards. Who shines like a pomegranate flower. Who is worshipped by Shiva.


Who is like coral in complexion. He started troubling the devas. This app is hosted by Google Play and passed their terms and conditions to be listed, however we still recommend caution when installing it.

Who gives eternal happiness. For whom Shiva became the herald.

| Lalita Ashtottara Sata Namaavali – Telugu

Who is the art of poetry. Who is adored even by Deities like Hari, Brahma and Indra.

Who is free from all evil. Ashtotgam vadhodyukta shaktisena samanvita: Who destroys the tendency to get angry. Who is a kamadukh the wish-yielding celestial Cow to Her devotees. Who is Vishnu, the embodiment of sacrifice.