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En cualquier caso, siempre puedes consultar este diccionario jurídico en España , y ver si la Jan 6. Nov 9, Ecuadorian Legal Glossary diccionario-de-terminos-juridicos/ Lex Juridica (Spain). contains a definitions can be found at

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Spanish PRO pts in category: Names of courts are not necessarily intuitive. Finally, a site specializing in Spanish contract law, but which also covers other fields, is available at http: Por favor, figame lo que piensa de esto.

Vocabulario legal? | SpanishDict Answers

General information about laws outside the US. Montgomery CountyMarylandCircuit Court: Just for Laughs Lawyers and the law are often the target of humor. Argentine law terminology can be found at http: These include the following: Patent Law The U. For a good chuckle, check out http: Another option is Babylon’s legal dictionary site, http: Brush Up Your English The first three installments in this series have emphasized Web sites of a technical nature, with an occasional oddity thrown in for good measure.


It appears to have been a student project. Many definitions are very detailed.

Legal Translation

Buy Database of Translators. It has links to codes and case law on the “legal professional” sidewhich can be useful if your source text says “as this term in used in [some provision of law]”. Patents, Trademarks, Copyright Law: Washburn University School of Law has a number of links at http: Become a member of TranslationDirectory. In addition to complete terms, http: I think lexjuridca concurso in this diccionaario is a “concurso de acreedores”, so: Your attorney and your mother-in-law are trapped in a burning building.

Send us your feedback. This next one is from a Canadian publication specializing in legal and other concerns of senior citizens: Peer comments on this answer and responses from the answerer neutral.

Nikki Graham United Kingdom Local time: A good source of Spanish information on civil law is http: Have a suggestion, idea, or comment?

A nice English-Spanish glossary of primarily legal terms from Chile is available at http: The third runner-up is http: A defendant was asked if he wanted a bench trial or a jury trial.


Documents, Forms and Periodicals An assortment of downloadable sample legal documents and forms can be found at http: Other sites from Latin American countries include the following: The aforementioned URL takes you to the entries for the first letter of the alphabet, so if you want to see entries for other letters, just change the “a” in the URL to that particular letter.

Other good sites for legal terms are http: It provides shorthand ways of reproducing over standard legal phrases, e.