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Law 13, on Public Works,lv which at Article 1 considers as is of the age provided for in the law on social security (la ley previsional) for. Tema(s): Seguridad social. Tipo de legislación: Ley. Adoptado el: Entry into force: Publicado el: Bundesgesetzblatt, ISN: AUTL & In: KOZ | Ot, M.J., WHAT LEY, F.R. (ed.).

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In the absence of dedicated PPP agencies, oversight activities are facilitated by donors. Streamlining the institutional and legal framework of public works agencies would appear to be one of the key challenges for the country.

Elected inPresident Talon brought in private business to eliminate persistent power outages that are a drag on the economy. El Salvador is also exposed to extreme natural disasters and climate issues that have severely damaged infrastructure. Concessions and privatisations are perceived negatively by some non-governmental and civil society groups, and ly to award large contracts have been widely debated.

These include a revitalisation programme for Port Tecun, the construction of a new State Administrative Center, the revitalisation of La Aurora International Airport, lye express ely construction project, a road rehabilitation project and the construction of a new railway system in Guatemala City.

The law, written as a general piece of legislation to allow its passage, was further enhanced by regulations published in February Ensuring that the PPP projects lye under the new legal and institutional framework are completed is one of the immediate issues facing the government. The government has sent a bill to Congress to establish an Infrastructure Fund that would be in charge of retendering existing PPPs once contracts expire, and using these assets to finance new PPPs in infrastructure.

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The transportation sector is expected to be the primary focus of the PAG, including completion of the Benin-Niger railway linking Cotonou and Niamey, highway renovation in the north entering Togo and Nigeria, and upgrades to the Port of Cotonou. Main challenges for PPP infrastructure development At the regulatory level, the PPP Law is somewhat untested, with no projects implemented so far and thus limited expertise on its application.

The PPPC Committee, which has the leading lwy in developing PPP policies, projects and programmes and prepares recommendations to be reviewed or approved by the Government, is chaired by the Minister of Finance and has four other permanent members having the rank of Deputy Prime Minister or Minister. Main challenges for PPP infrastructure development In this context, Ecuador still faces significant regulatory, fiscal lley institutional challenges to implement a sound framework that 133064 enables 31064 PPP projects.


The policy is intended to be applicable across all sectors except housing, which must comply with the PPP policy of the Ministry of Housing. Although PPPs have been a modality for public procurement in Benin for more than a decade, formalisation of PPPs under law is still in an embryonic stage. Summary of the enabling environment for PPPs As noted above, Jamaica has a comprehensive legal framework for the identification, development, assessment, implementation and management of PPPs.

It was followed by a development plan to further promote PPPs, which assigned responsibility for the development of regulations and the establishment of projects to the Ministry of National Economy and the PPP Centre. This is problematic given widespread opposition to privatisation, with which PPPs are often confused, and distrust of foreign investors.

Category scores per country compared to global and regional average. A primary challenge in terms of developing PPPs is implementing and managing the PPP process, which is complex and lacks transparency. In institutional terms, the country went through two significant changes in It is also developing three road projects, one port project and seven road maintenance projects. To date, under this new framework, the Ministry of Transport and Public Works has been the most active in developing and awarding projects: Despite the improving legal and institutional framework, there is room for enhancing implementation capacity and improving project oversight.

Honduras has a comprehensive legal framework that is conducive to PPP implementation under various contract types. However, it was vetoed by the newly elected president and is not expected to be passed in the foreseeable future. Heavy reliance on donors for PPP funding is a further weakness, and more private 13604 are needed if Egypt is to realise the necessary financing to achieve its infrastructure goals.

Benin Overview of the infrastructure sector and PPPs The Government of Benin is emphasising public-private partnerships to build infrastructure.

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At the municipal level, a project involving the provision of bus transportation services, and installation and maintenance of bus stops in the municipality of Peja reached financial closure inbut its implementation has been stalled.

Despite the progress achieved in the normative arena, the PPP framework still requires strengthening as it does not include a PPP unit with proven technical capacity to support the relevant public parties during the PPP cycle and develop more specific manuals and methodologies to guide the evaluation process ie, eligibility criteria, value for money methodologyamong other challenges.


Summary of the enabling environment for PPPs The government of Georgia is developing PPP legislation, and there is strong political support for private partnerships in providing public services such as healthcare and education.

Benin is also susceptible to endogenous and exogenous shocks that could hamper PPPs, despite their broad political support. One outcome that could stimulate further interest in infrastructure will be the successful delivery of the Big Almaty Ring Road Project, awarded in latewhich was prepared under the concessions law.

This time-bound law aims at speeding up the contracting phase of 38 PPP projects considering the urgent character of certain infrastructure needs.

It is hoped that a clearer framework resulting from the new regulations will help to attract the private investment necessary for growth and improvement in infrastructure. In this context, the framework demonstrates the political will to foster private-sector participation in infrastructure investment by setting legal and institutional grounds for PPP development. The most important challenge in terms of PPP development is completing the draft of a special PPP law, so it can then be submitted to the legislative branch for its approval.

These laws define the regulatory environment for implementing PPP projects. Managing cultural and community concerns is also an issue, in light of the high concentration of archaeological sites and Mayan communities, both of which require a higher level of conceptualisation and planning to ensure they are not adversely affected by development.

This aims to promote public-private infrastructure projects and applies to any government entity at the national or sub-national level.

Austria – Social Insurance (Small-Scale Industry) Act (GSVG) (No. /).

In JanuaryColombia approved Law No. The main challenge for the country lies in restoring investor confidence in order to raise the required financing—both at the federal and provincial levels—after years of underinvestment.

Initially, PPPs were conducted ad hoc by ministries under sector-specific legislation. Despite significant efforts, and support from international institutions, the PPP market in Kosovo is constrained by several barriers.