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EL CONGRESO NACIONAL. En Nombre de la República. Ley No. VISTA: La Ley No, del 28 septiembre de , sobre Reforma Fiscal. Stibole is a theoretical heterocyclic organic compound, a five-membered ring with the formula ‹See TfM› ☒ N. 3D model (JSmol) J.I.G. Cadogan; S.V. Ley; G. Pattenden; R.A. Raphael; C.W. Rees, eds. (), Dictionary of Organic. Ley No. Sobre Comercio Electrónico, Documentos Y Firmas Digitales · Ley No. de .. Ley No. Reforma Fiscal · Ley No.

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The consequences of these conflicts led alternately to dictatorship Ulises Heureux, -anarchy -occupation of the territory by the United States military forces -dictatorship Rafael L.

The library has no webpage and no online access to its resources. This publication is organized by topics. These translated codes, with little adjustment to local needs remained as the law of the Dominican Republic for more than one hundred and fifty years [11].

Following are a selection of Dominican reference sources useful for legal research in the Dominican Republic. The Court of Minors addresses both civil and criminal matters, particularly issues pertaining to paternity, guardianship, visitation rights, alimony and adoption. See the law firm website under publications.

The President promulgates and publishes laws and resolutions passed by Congress, and he has the constitutional authority under Article 55, section 2 of the Lej, to issue decrees, regulations and instructions which are binding, but subject to legislative modification.

Most notable are revisions of the Criminal Procedure Code, undertaken to incorporate oral procedures reflecting a move away from an inquisitorial to an accusatory or mixed system, and changes in the Penal Code, enacted to improve access to those populations previously underserved, such as women, the poor, and the minors.


From to the Dominican Republic was governed successively by France, Haiti, Spain and then Haiti again, until it finally declared its independence on February 27, The French colony which flourished on the western one-third of the island was officially recognized by Spain in under the Treaty of Ryswick. Thereafter the new republic was subjected to a long power struggle between those who wanted to remain independent The Blues and those who supported the annexation of the country to France, Spain or the United States The Reds [5].

Judicial Power is exercised by the Supreme Court of Justice as well as by other courts created by the Constitution or by enacted laws. Several efforts have been made by private entities to develop legal information databases in the Dominican Republic.

They regulate the improvement and preservation of the environment, and delimit regions within the country to be protected. The Justices of the Peace are courts authorized to hear small claim cases.

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The court expands to a bench of three judges for cases involving crimes which are liable for punishment by incarceration greater than two years. The powers of the government are divided into three independent branches: Other major pieces of legislation regulating the banking and financial system lfy the Dominican Republic are the following: Depending on the case, the Courts of First Instance are presided over by a sole judge who hears punishable acts which are liable for monetary fines or punishment by incarceration for a maximum of two years or both penalties at the same time.

Key Law Reports and Digests. The Monetary Board, the Central Bank and the Superintendence of Banking are the state agencies responsible for regulating and supervising the financial and monetary sector of the Dominican Republic. The Constitution also mandates a Court of Accounts, which examines the country’s finances and reports to the Congress [9].


Executive Power Executive power is exercised by the President of the Republic who is elected with the Vice-President by direct vote for a four-year term. Two years later, on August 16,independence was restored and a Second Republic proclaimed. Any 2888-04 or deputy may introduce legislation in either house. The following is a list of government offices providing access to primary legal sources: Once elected Congressional Members serve for a four-year period and may be re-elected without time limitations.

The fundamental reforms of the Civil Code were authorized by Decrees No.

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Initiatives directed towards justice and law reform took place within the context of government modernization efforts, seeking to adapt the legal and economic framework of the country for a gradual inclusion of the Dominican Republic in a global and regional economy, and to strengthen the democratic process [13]. The fundamental reforms of the Commercial Code were authorized by Decree No.

Structure of the Government. International treaties now in effect in the Dominican Republic can be found at the following sites: Supreme Court of 288–04.

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One other recent related piece of legislation is: Guide to Legal Research in the Dominican Republic. Code of Criminal Procedure. In August 14,the Constitution of the Dominican Republic was modified.

There is at least one small court in each municipality, plus one located in the National District. The most recent amendments to the Tax Code are: Articles 89 and 90 were enacted which addressed electoral matters. Some of their publications are: I t abrogates the Labor Code and subsequent modifications.