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You can try declaring sensor as volatile: volatile uint8_t sensor;. Line Following Robot using AVR ATmega8eXtreme Electronics http:// 1 of Here is a simple line following robot circuit designed using ATmega8 Microcontroller. It can be used in industrial and defense applications.

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This is done by storing the current line position in a variable sprev just before the end of main loop. Now without a crytal it wont run. By Avinash – March 8, 7: By Avinash – May 27, 9: Sir, would you please provide me the library files. Leonardo 1 7 You can provide 5v to the sensor and then check its output using a robto multimeter.

avr – Line follower robot using atmega8 – Stack Overflow

Then run the bot and adjust the params till you get desired result, first dgain and igain are set to zero and gradually increases. Or may be you are not made for it! I planned on running and then delaying the motor robt 3 second and the switching them off but the robot has started to work haphazardly. Its called a by pass capacitor, and why the hell you are telling it isolated? Simply follow the link. The electronics board is split into to parts.


By mahendra – July 15, 3: This sprev is used as previous line position for the next loop. Dear Sir, You are right that line senosr schematic is very clear. By mahendra usimg July 14, I would be very thankful to you if vollower can help. By Avinash – October 6, 9: And i have already converted analog signal to digital using comparator……. Can you please help me out with the logic that i need to put in.

We are here to help! Please do not be over smart. If you bring some white surface in front of the sensor, the voltage output should change. HayCan I have the proper method of making sensor circuit ahmega8 motor board please??

SIR,please answer where to connect pin no.

Please watch the following video for a LFR in action. By Ganesh Chandra – April 8, You are right that line senosr schematic is very clear. By Ayush – October 10, First try to do every thing exactly as I told.


When the control variable is more than 0 that uzing line is towards the left, so we need to take right turn to correct the error and bring the robot back to track.

And I have NO free time to personally help anybody!

Line Following Robot using AVR ATmega8

Is that causing a problem? If you are unable to make from the information provided. By Avinash – July 15, 5: From where can I get it. Please provide me the same. Now its working fine for right turn but facing difficulty in left turn.

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Similarly using another surface than a flex will have different reflectance so the sensor will not be able to “see” the line. By Avinash – June 10, 6: