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In book: Forragicultura: Ciência, Tecnologia e Gestão dos Recursos Forrageiros, Publisher: Gráfica Multipress, Editors: capitulo 39 – Livro em Forragicultura, located at Canguiri Experimental Farm of the Federal .. chemical composition analyses were conducted in the Forragicultura e Pastagens. Forragicultura: ciência, tecnologia e gestão dos recursos forrageiros. Jaboticabal : Gráfica Multipress, p COSTA, K.A.P.; ROSA, B. OLIVEIRA, I.P.;.

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Grazing management has been the focus of the research with forage plants in Brazil for many years. Forragichltura information is presented in forragicultua systematic manner, favouring an integrated view of the different trends and research philosophies used, indicating, critically, the need for revising and changing paradigms as a means of improving and consolidating the knowledge on animal production from pastures.

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The effect of nitrogen rate and clipping frequency upon the yield, protein content and certain morphological characteristics of Coastal bermudagrass [Cynodon dactylon L.

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Livro forrageira

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Revista Brasileira de Agropecuária Sustentável

The Iowa State University Press. Bermudagrass production in Florida. The objective of this text is to provide a brief history of the research on forage plants and grasslands in Brazil, highlighting its evolution, trends, results and transition phases.


Geographic distribution of the species of Cynodon L. The influence of grazing pressure and stocking rate on herbage intake and animal perfomarnce.

SIR Publishing, Wellington, p. The significance of sward characteristics in the management of temperate sown pastures. Forage characteristics of bermudagrass pastures mixed with Pintoi peanut and grazed at different stubble heights.

Morfofisiologia de plantas forrageiras tropicais e o manejo do pastejo.