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The community of special car builders responded to this with their own . _7abc19b32c_zA Locost with a Toyota engine. Yes, you can build a Locost sports car for just a few grand. May 18, Explore ERN’s board “KIT CARS – LOCOST” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Kit cars, Lotus 7 and Car stuff.

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A Locost is a home-built car.

Go to any vintage race and you find these little lotus 7 cars all over. Body panels are usually fiberglass nose and wings and aluminium side panels. In a reflection of the wider social changes that followed the war far motor racers of the post-war years came from humbler backgrounds, they raced homemade specials made from tired-out prewar motors on wartime airfield perimeter tracks like the one at Silverstone which still hosts Formula One racing today.

Additionally, fiberglass body components, suspension pieces and other Locost-specific components can be sourced from various suppliers. The archetype is the Ford Escort Mk1 and 2, however coincident with the popularity of Locosts, the supply of these cars dried up very quickly. Running with very tight regulations cwr deliberately limiting costs, the Motor Club have ensured affordable and close competitive racing for the enthusiastic amateur.

That is proportionately more for such lightweight cars and, being low to the ground, there is less room underneath. I watch roadkill occasionally on youtube, and the requirements seem so lax in the states its unreal.

Approximately 10 as of April cars have been completed and passed by their countries government for use on the road. They are not fast cars. Yet again the Escort units used to be a favourite but supplies have dried up, so alternatives have cwr to be found.


The pendulum has swung very very far the other way in a short space of time. My mate changed his Land Rover from fuel-injected to carburetted in about an hour in his garage.

Yes I remember pre sva days. Notify me of new comments via email. This design was based heavily on the original Lotus Seven.

20 best KIT CARS – LOCOST images on Pinterest | Kit cars, Lotus 7 and Car stuff

Organised by the Motor Club the championship regularly sees around 35 competitors racing at circuits such as Brands Hatch, Donington, Oulton Park and Silverstone, to name but a few. However that alone is not yet enough to qualify these cars as the most hackable, for that we must look at the final source of their manufacture. Additionally, loocst car was designed using CAD softwareeliminating the measurement errors inherent to the original design.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A normal V8 in this car would be nice, but I think it would throw off the weight distribution depending on pocost V8 you use of course. I was always deeply impressed by my university mate who changed out the gear box to his austin allegro in the halls-of-residence car park! The consumer boom of the late s and s was very far in the future, and if you were a hardware hacker your source materials were limited to whatever you could find from war surplus or whatever prewar junk might come your way.

Its founder, [Colin Chapman], produced a succession of racing specials from the late s through to the early s, and the company eventually became a manufacturer of production sports cars which were also sold as kits.


There must be every mod imaginable for a car, out there on a Landie somewhere.

Locost Seven 7 Kit Car | eBay

I can happily say I have successfully built my very own Locost. When catalytic converter was ripped out, it took threes new cats and as many smog tests in order to pass smog locots hassle because my state kept changing the laws. This has led to a series of improvements to the Champion design, including increased reinforcement at the nose of the chassis and around the occupants. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

The suggested donor car is a Ford Sierra. The Locost is not to be confused with the similarly named Locust which is also a Lotus Seven inspired car. Though I would think one of the VW diesels would almost approach sensible.

The Lotus Sevens: The Real Most-Hackable Cars

These modifications also increase the stiffness and torsional rigidity of the chassis and have been adopted in Locosts in other countries. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Locost. Maybe with a rear mounted motor the batteries could be under the hood but that may put the weight a little high and forward. Skip to main content. Downside is that it drinks like a fish….

Its almost enough to make me want to pack my machine shop in a few containers and head there at times. An early Lotus Seven.

Add to Watch list. I would also be really interested in electric versions.