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I whet my appetite early on the classics and later moved solucjw to Counter-Strike, GoldenEye and the like. It tells the story of a young man named Vito Scaletta and his best friend, Joe Barbaro and their rise and fall in the Mafia in the s and s. So, on one hand, I’m a NYU student majoring in media and communication who has a healthy obsession with fashion, music, media and the latest happenings in NYC.

At the time, there was no engine out there that could do that, so 2k Czech chose to develop their own game engine. All my friends and family are probably pretty annoyed by how much I talk about video games.

Prey (Poradnik do gry)

Of course, games this big don’t come together overnight, so we did need a couple of years to put the rest of the game together after the engine and the dev tools were built. You’ll find me trying just about any game now — I even tried my hand at Cooking Mama — but the more blood and gore, the better.

But, on the other hand, I’m rocking a level 70 blood elf warlock I just got Lich King — give me a breakspend much of my time playing games of all genres and platforms, and if you pass by my dorm you can possibly even hear my roar of victory as I spring on the unsuspecting as one of the infected in Left 4 Dead.


That was what took most of the time for the last eight years.

About Author I am host to the kind of split-personality that is only possible when a girl is both born and raised in New York City, yet spends a lot of time with two older brothers. And just when I thought things were as random as they could be, I spent the summer in Texas and, turns out, I like 4-wheeling and shooting real guns too. Read on for the interview, but first: Now, under the guidance of 2K Czech, Mafia I I will feature Vito Scaletta’s rise in one of the prominent crime families of Empire Bay during the s and progressing into the s.

Although we scoped out the game at a preview event in San Francisco, and had the pleasure of interviewing Jack Scalici one-on-one for some unanswered questions, we sit back down with the Director of Creative Production at 2K Games and our fellow game journalists to learn more about Mafia II and the process of its development as well as getting a few fun questions answered.


Mafia II Roundtable Interview Article – Gaming Nexus

It has been eight years since the original Mafia title, Mafia: You guys have all seen the way the game looks and the way it runs; how smooth it is.

I am host to the kind of split-personality that is only possible when a girl is both born and raised in New York City, yet spends a lot of time with two older brothers. It’s your turn now, Internet. Almost eight years have passed soluca the original Mafia title was released.

Why did it take so long for the sequel to come to fruition? The City of Lost Heavenwas released.

That is neither cheap, nor quick to do. Right from the get-go we said we want to develop it to look and run like that on all three major platforms that could support a game with graphics and features like this. The game is called Mafia II.