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Islam: A Very Short Introduction offers essential insight into the structure and Malise Ruthven answers fundamental questions about the nature and scope of. Page i Islam A Very Short Introduction Malise Ruthven is a lecturer in comparative religion, specializing in Islamic affairs, at the University of Aberdeen. Malise Ruthven’s Very Short Introduction contains essential insights into issues such How must Islam adapt as it confronts the modern world?.

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Muhammad had a wide forehead and fine, long, arched eyebrows which did not meet. Very timely read considering the world situation.

There are allusions to Muhammad’s relations with the other communities of Medina: Activists seeking to ‘Islamize’ their societies, bringing them more closely into line with what they perceive to be Islamic law, ignore the centuries of nuanced and qualifying scholarship by which the ‘ulama reconciled the demands of the divine law with the realities of political power and the exigencies of everyday life.

She was so impressed by him that she married him. An expedition launched to the north engages a Byzantine army at Tabuk near present-day Aqaba. How must Islam adapt as it confronts the modern world? The spectators and actors are interchangeable: As befits mujtahids with the right of independent interpretation, the Shi’i clergy share a common culture, but they do not speak with one voice.

It gathers all around a scene improvised in the open air or in the husseiniya. A Very Short Introduction.

In some ways, Ruthven’s introduction can seem quite prescient, perhaps nowhere more so than in his final line, where he notes isllam “more blood can be A reluctant three stars. Qiyas – The systematic application of things not explicitly mentioned in the Quran, hadiths, or where there may be debate about something mentioned in a less-reliable hadith or a comparison made between statements in the Quran and hadiths.

The author includes some explanation of how Western ideas, including Greek thought, were incorporated into early Islamic scholarship and legal interpretation, including the ideas of logic and reason in interpretation. What the Quran lacks for the reader familiar with the Bible or Hindu epics is a coherent narrative structure.

This was in effect an argument that in the absence of the Imam the ‘ulama had the right, if not the duty, to seize powerfollowing the example of Imam Hussein rather than his elder brother Hasan. Emon, Matthew Levering, and David Novak.


The reference was elaborated by Muslim tradition into the famous Night Journey, when Muhammad was miraculously transported to Jerusalem on the mythical beast Ruthvej and thence to heaven where he was instructed by God to institute the five daily prayers governing the Muslim faith.

It’s admittedly sometimes tough to wade through, mostly because nearly every other noun in the book hsort from an Arabic word and therefore is hard to pronounce and contains an apostrophe or two. A more tactful way of putting it, however, is to say that, like the Isma’ilis, ‘he is a proponent of a multivocal expression of truth’.

Abu Hanifa, whose name was given to one of the four legal schools of Sunni Islam, stated that ‘those who face in the direction of Mecca at prayer are true believers and no act of theirs can remove them from the faith’. Contains a lot of useless factoids, relies heavily on secondary texts for critical analysis and context, and is overall a dry, dull read.

Islam: A Very Short Introduction by Malise Ruthven

Public Health and Epidemiology. Jihad is discussed in great detail. At first glance, the method has a transparency that is lacking in the formation of other scriptures, including the Gospels. Jun 23, Erika rated it it was amazing. Analogical or syllogistic reasoning takes place, which some schools of Islam reject. To write about a religion which is least understood even by its adherents, which has a chequered history, no institutional support and that is identified though erroneously as the cause for violence in recent times, is no easy task.

Ruthven can be islak very fussy writer and, perhaps more than any other volume in this series I have read to date, this one is in z need of an update. On the other hand, a man’s right to sexual satisfaction is divinely mandated. During the year CEthe Year of Delegation — smost of the tribes submit; the remaining pagans are allowed the four trucial months in whort to make up their minds.

Popular support for the Shi’i cause, among those who feel that the wordly rulers of the Islamic introducfion have betrayed its message of unity, peace, and social justice, is never lacking. Selected pages Title Page.

Paperbackpages. I mean that He is the very existence of the Outward and the very existence of the Inward. Qutb’s call for xhort against barbarism jahiliyafar from being based on ‘traditional’ Islam, is thoroughly modern in its espousal of an ‘existentialist’, action-oriented commitment, while his claim that democracy and social justice have Islamic origins is considered by some to be spurious, based on an ahistorical reading of Islam’s sacred texts.


The book gives a good overview of differences in Rurhven and the general political landscape in the middleeast. The Quran is the speech of God dictated without human editing.

Islam: A Very Short Introduction

In Iraq the Ayatollah Kho’i remained obstinately nonpolitical although in Saddam Hussein forced him to appear on television to denounce the Shi’i uprising in the city of Najaf.

He had thin hair on his chest. Want to Introdhction saving…. The Ihya was Hasan al-Banna’s bedside reading. As deputies of the Hidden Imam the mullahs exercise the right of ijtihad — independent interpretation of the Shari’ain contrast to most of their Sunni counterparts, who until recently tended to be bound by taqlid’ — imitation’ of precedents applied by their predecessors.

Some jurists argued that thereafter the true caliphate ceased, and that subsequent caliphs were merely monarchs or kings. In popular tradition as intrlduction mystical poetry the ‘splitting of the moon’ becomes one of Muhammad’s greatest miracles, celebrated in Sindhi, Punjabi, Swahili, and other Muslim languages.

For three years, according to Ibn Ishaq, Muhammad refrained from proclaiming the message in public. Yes, this is a “Very Short Intro There was always a gap between the theoretical formulations of the jurists and the de facto exercise of political power.

A Very Short In In the opening chapters there is a nuts and bolts introduction cery the religion of Islam. The Medinese suras of the Quran provide rather more historical data aa the Arabian Prophet’s career than those dated introfuction the Meccan period. In the same vein the content of some hadiths known as the matn were identified as anachronistic: Although there are some individual narratives – notably stories of the prophets, including the so- called ‘punishment stories’ detailing the direful fates meted out to those who reject God’s messengers – the historical discourses are linked thematically rather than chronologically.

The Fatimids reign for more than two centuries, untilwhen they are replaced by the Sunni hero Salah al Din al Ayyubi — known to the West as Saladin — liberator of Jerusalem from the Crusaders.